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About Me

Ever since I was a little girl I have enjoyed expressing what I feel and what I like through pictures. The same way, I’ve grown up enjoying other people’s art and self-expression. I feel that I can get to know a very essential part of someone that way.

Being an artist has always felt natural, so much that at this point I don't feel it's been a career choice, but a very true part of myself that needs to flourish as I grow. Sometimes, I would give a drawing to a friend or a family member, and I loved watching them react. “I like it because you have done it, and there’s no one else that can do it like this”. That’s something I’ve been told many times, and a part of me really connects with that notion of uniqueness.

However, it hasn’t been till recently that I decided to open an online shop with all my creations. I made up my mind and went for it in November 2020. I’ve always dreamed about having an online shop of my own and sending my art all over the world, but the truth is, life happens and I had gone in different directions career-wise till I finally felt that I couldn’t bear neglecting my dreams anymore. And I’m glad that I listened to my heart on that.

Now I am able to be an artist and offer value in the shape of my unique creations.

There’s a lot of elements I get my inspiration from: nature, the diverse shapes of plants and leaves, elements from fantasy, the beauty of the lights and shadows and the intensity of color contrast.

My creative process is quite organic, and even if there might be elements in common among my pieces, I always seek new inspirations and concepts to work on.

Every creation of mine is an essential part of me. Whenever someone receives one of my pieces, they receive a piece of me as well. I put my heart in everything I do, so that’s why I like to say “from my heart, to your home”.